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Meeting Mondrian – a message from Professor Ron Newman, CEO – Virtu Design Institute

Recently on a trip to Paris I reflected on our research site DesignMeetings and on the idea of meeting design… This 
new latest version of the DesignMeetings website is (we trust) all about real and useful design research, design meetings; 
the designers, the thinking, the process, the skills, the products and the services. On 
that walk in Paris, as you can see I bumped into Mondrian a participant in that 
greatest of all design meeting, the Bauhaus. Everywhere we walk, everywhere we engage 
with life we meet both good and bad design and we meet the great designers of all time. I hope within our pages we will take you 
on a walk of discovery into the many of todays challenges of design.

You will see from time to time on this web page a photo or a biography missing; DesignMeetings welcomes contributions of content and so if you have the missing link/s that will make our history more complete please write to us with the missing pieces, a photo, a bio or in fact any ideas and contributions and we will find space to express them.

Happy and productive DesignMeetings, Ron Newman


Design Research Connected – a message from Dr Sasha Alexander, Chair – Virtu Research Committee

Welcome to the research, publications and educational resources area of the Virtu; the DesignMeetings website. This website is dedicated to design discourse across the key education areas of the Virtu Design Institute and the wider design community. The interconnected nature of design relies on the sharing knowledge supporting progressive educational outcomes and inspired pathways toward your future design networks, design research, and business success.

The importance of design research to the design profession and the recent growth in popularity in business circles around the concept of design thinking suggests that the DesignMeetings portal will grow in response to these and other topical areas around design and especially the practice of design and design education practice.

The interconnectedness and at times convergence of the professions emerges in DesignMeetings with publications in design research, visual communication, interior design, architecture, design management, design education, and strategic design.
In the cooperative spirit of the design community and design education, and as Chair of the Virtu Design Institute Research Committee I wish the DesignMeetings portal every success in connecting with its readership and reflecting upon the more compelling and exciting challenges for the design profession.